We appreciate that you are cosidering choosing us to be your working place. Please refer to the information below and if you have any doubt, feel free to contact us.

Why Blue Horizon Group?

We are a growing company with a friendly and familiar enviroment. Our group is composed of different nationalities and cultures, what let us grow and learn more from everywhere. We are commited with inclusion and diversity, taking actions to ensure equal oportunities for all the qualified candidates.

We have collaborators from all over the world, so we think we might be the perfect place for you, wherever you are seeing this from, as our team is very rich in culture. The different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives of our team is what we think that makes our team, a very special and succesfull one.
As we have different departments, there is a place for all kind of areas, from Flight operations, through software development, commercial and sales, marketing, aircraft Maintenance, logistics and more!

Sadly, our grow is limited, so we don’t always have open positions, but we would love to receive your message, hopefully soon we will have enough room for you to become part of our team too.

Whatever your area is, please contact us at careers@bluehorizon.aero and send us your resume and the position for which you are applying.

Be part of the future of the executive aviation

We are working to become the most efficient, safest and most accesible executive travel service and we know that our team is our most important resource. We would love to have yo on board soon.

Recruitment process

Most of our recruitments are done virtually, but some might need your presence in one of our bases. We will let you know before starting the process.

It is important to note that Blue Horizon Group is a drug-free workplace, and that is why employees are prohibited from manufacturing, distributing, dispense, processing, using or being under the influence or illegal drugs, inhalants or controlled substances in the workplace. Pre-employment drug testing might be required depending on local regulations.

If you are an applicant who requires reasonable special accomodations during your process, let us know in our email.