It is an application created and developed by Blue Horizon Group LLC., Which was born from the idea of ​​offering a different, scalable and economical service, with a modality of private or shared flights, so that you can access a luxury service, always at the lowest cost. low.

We were born as a technology company, to offer you a better service

Our tools allow us to offer you a better service, faster and easier, so that traveling is easier than ever, and also cheaper. In the same way, we manage our fleet, monitoring each flight and providing attention 24 hours a day, because we know that sometimes your trip cannot wait.

Highest safety standards.

Every day we work to improve our safety standards to ensure that your trip is safe, while operated under current regulations. We take care of each passenger 24/7 until the arrival, from our headquarters. Because we care about you, safety is our first value. Audit us and learn more!

Highest safety standards and the best service

We focus on reducing the costs of our company with a simplified structure, automated tasks and a standard service scheme, with the sole purpose that you can receive the service with the same value as always, at a lower cost. This, added to our operational policies, allows you to save money.

Comfort, privacy
and speed.

With a modern fleet available around the world, we created Blue Horizon to make your experience quick and easy from the moment you quote a flight until it reaches your destination. We value your time, that is why we decided to offer you a different experience and that is also why we learn from each flight with our continuous improvement process, so that your trip is excellent, every time./p>

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